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Most of you know me as the angel, Gabriel. Though I've posed as Loki the trickster in the past. I've hung around the Winchester boys a lot. They're a riot.
M!A: Habitually Violent:Muse becomes extremely violent and will attempt to pick fights with anyone they talk to for three days
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"Well, hey. Did you miss me?"

Gabriel laughed and smiled brightly, nodding. “Yeah. Yeah, I think we can if you want to. Super fancy date too.”

"I will be going to get my suit in a couple of days. If you want, you can come with me. I would love to go on a super fancy date with you." The smile never left Erno’s face as his eyes sparkled.

Gabriel laughed. “Right. You have to wait for those things. I forgot that’s a thing that humans have to do. I can’t just snap it here for you?”

"What’s that pressing against my back?"



Gabriel smirked at him, whispering up to his ear. “What do you think it is, Deano?”

"It better be a weapon, Gabe…" 

"Wrong~!" Gabriel laughed and revealed a soda bottle. "Yeesh, you’re testy about nothing."

What's this?




1. Sex toy

Samuel blushed a bit as the other found his hidden toy. “It’s um…it’s nothing, not even mine” Samuel lied and looked away from him.

Gabriel smiled up at him, letting a small puff of air. “I thought so. I’ve seen how you act around me, Samuel, how you look at me. So…do you want to act upon those thoughts or are you just going to use those toys to represent me?”

Samuel’s eyes glued to the other as he talked, he was barely even listening to him. God he was beautiful he just wanted to smash their lips together. “I..I want the real thing” Samuel whispered.

"I can give you the real thing, Samuel." He brushed his cheek softly. "All you ever had to do was ask. There was no need to be afraid." He leaned up on his tip toes and briefly touched their lips together, letting Samuel decide when he wanted to move on.

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Angst please.





My muse has just been in a major car accident. Your muse is on the scene, shocked to see who is in the destroyed car.

Mid-winter was never Gabriel’s favourite time to drive. The roads got icy or so snowy that it was hard to see the median and the lane lines. People also didn’t seem to know how to drive properly in snow, but he had no choice. He worked twenty minutes from home and had to drive there to be there on time.

It was just before rush hour hit and the roads were reduced to a crawl, so he thought he could make it home quickly enough to make dinner after his long day at work. Even on the highway, though, no one was going faster than 50 mph, careful of the black ice that everyone had been skidding on the past couple of days. There had been numerous reports of accidents and he didn’t want to add to that statistic by driving recklessly, but he still wanted to get home.

He didn’t see the other car until it was too late. They had hit a patch of black ice on the opposite side of the road and had lost control of their car so much that they were sent skidding over the median and the grass in between, straight towards Gabriel’s car.

"Shit!" He slammed on the brakes, even though he knew that was the last thing he needed to do. He couldn’t have stopped the crash even if he’d been a professional driver and saw the other car smash into the front of his with a sickening crash. His head and neck snapped forward with the impact and a loud ringing instantly blocked out any other noise.

Then the pain erupted from his lower body and his muddled mind caught up with what his body was feeling. He screamed, his neck hurting too much to actually see what had happened. He clenched the sides of the seat, his body shaking with trying to control the pain.

The crash stopped all other traffic, other drivers having an easier time avoiding the crash or stopping to try and help before paramedics got there. He knew somebody had to have called them. There was someone knocking at his window to see how badly he was hurt, but he didn’t know what to say. He had stopped screaming only to sob silently, trying not to cry out in pain

After what felt like an eternity of excruciating pain, he heard the sirens pull up and he fumbled with his door to unlock it. Someone quickly opened it and he heard them curse through the constant buzz in his head.

The next bit was a blur, but he remembered feeling whatever was cutting off circulation in his legs move and the pain returned tenfold. (Yay, jaws of life) He couldn’t stop the bellows as he was pulled out of his car and placed on a stretcher. He heard his name being called from the crowd that he was sure that had formed and then, despite obvious protests from some officer, there was a new person by his side.

Gabriel choked back a whimper as the lift into the ambulance jostled him a little.”He will be riding with us,” Gabriel told the medics. “If you can, have one of the police officers drive his car to the hospital.”

He wasn’t sure how his brain was still processing these things as well as he was, but he couldn’t feel half of his body, the rest of it just in pain. Agonizing pain. He just knew he had to stay strong in front of Cayden. Couldn’t show him how horrible and broken he felt.

Cayden tapped his foot on the ground, looking at the men in front of him. He wanted to touch Gabriel, to let him know that he was alright.

The sad truth was that he wasn’t okay. Gabriel meant everything to him, and he would find a way to save him. Any way he could.

Where was Cayden? Why wasn’t he in here already. “Cayden,” he choked out, unable to move his head to actually look for him. The medics were taking his vitals and writing down the information.

His mind seemed to finally catch up with his body and he clutched the tops of his legs, crying out in pain. It hurt. Everything hurt. Why did everything hurt? Why couldn’t he move his legs?



it’s pretty telling that sam has a standard facial expression for “you two idiots seriously still don’t even realize how in love you are”





(Sam’s life really sucks.)

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Gabriel rarely ever looked down at his clock. He figured that, with his luck, he’d never meet his soulmate. It had fluctuated before, adding or subtracting large amounts of time at random and he was sure it was broken

However, that morning, he saw that it read below two hours and he was shocked, sure that it was lying to him again. So he paid no attention and continued on with his day. He had the day off and, instead of sitting inside on a gorgeous day such as this, he went out for a walk around town. He put his iPod on to block out the voices of the people, not paying attention to the clock that had dropped below twenty minutes.

He got downtown, not sure where to actually go; he just wanted out of his apartment. He paused at the corner to look around, 500 miles playing in his ear. He started walking at just the wrong time and ran right into someone’s chest as they rounded the corner.

"Oh, sorry," he apologized and kept walking, ignoring the flashing zeroes on his wrist.

Dean tried to pretend like he didn’t care about the numbers on his wrist. Not everyone had them, but his had appeared on the morning of his twelfth birthday. His mother had smiled then and kissed his wrist, telling him that one day, when the numbers hit zero, he’d meet his soulmate. In those blissful years of ignorance, he checked it every morning, waiting for the day, the hour, the minute that he’d meet the most important person in his life. 

He didn’t realize that it meant he’d spend every day until that moment alone. No one wanted to date someone when they wore a neon sign on their wrist saying that this relationship was going to end. 

There was now a white scar through the numbers from where Dean had tried to cut them out when he was seventeen, when the girl of his dreams broke his heart. After that, he started wearing long sleeves and wide leather braces that hid the numbers. All he could ever manage was one night stands, but sometimes, that was enough. 

One morning, he just happened to look at the numbers while he was showering, and felt his heart leap into his chest. He’d never seen them so low before. Less than a day, hours even. That meant…he was going to meet them today, whoever they were. 

The day couldn’t pass more slowly, and Dean checked his wrist every five minutes. He went to work a different way, walked to the far away coffee shop, anything to kill time. When it began to rain as he walked back to his apartment, Dean felt like he’d been cheated. Whatever these numbers were, they were wrong. Tears pricked at his eyes as he watched the last minutes count down, then started walking towards the bus stop. 

He turned the corner and someone crashed into him. He almost thought nothing of it as he heard their hurried apology, and the bus was pulling up. Then he blinked, staring down at his wrist, then back up to the man who was hurrying across the street. 

"Wait!" he shouted, turning and running after him. He didn’t see the car running the red light. 

Gabriel heard the shout over his music, but didn’t know who it was directed towards. He looked around anyway and was surprised to find the guy he had bumped into coming across the crosswalk toward him, clearly the one trying to gain his attention.

He slipped his headphones off and was about to call back that they’d meet on the sidewalk when he saw the car speeding through the intersection.

Adrenaline pumped through him as he bolted towards the man. “Move!” He had to be quicker than this car or this man could die. He had to get there in time. Had to move faster. Faster. The blood pumped through his veins with each stride, focused only on the man and not worrying about the proximity of the car.

As if through a tunnel, he heard the screams and the car horns blaring from the street around you, but he only focused on the man. He got closer and tackled the man to the ground, hoping that his inertia would move them far enough out of the way. Hopefully the car would swerve out of the way enough as well.

They hit the ground hard and painfully, skidding a little on the pavement. His head was luckily protected by the man’s chest, but he didn’t know if the other man had hit his head or not. He thought everything was okay for a moment as the screech of brakes rang through the air over top of the screams.

Then came the immense pain as the car’s tires ran over his legs, crushing them. The sickening cracks and snaps of bones were evident. It was unlike anything he had ever felt and his entire body felt like it was on fire, pain blazing through every pore. He heard the loudest screams of horror and agony and didn’t realize they were from him for a moment. He thought only one of the wheels had run over him, but he wasn’t sure; the pain was too much.

Um, do it how you want! If Gabe gets hurt, Dean will stay with him and take him to the hospital. They can bond there. :P

Okay. More than likely, with how Gabriel will push him out of the way or tackle him out of the way, Dean will get pretty beat up too. Is that okay? I won’t write what happens to him, but I just want to make sure it’s okay for him to get hurt.

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Gabriel grinned darkly up at him, licking his lip slightly. “Oh you would, would you? Didn’t peg you as a bottom kind of guy.”

"I have rare moods," Dean smirked. "You willing to jump?"

Gabriel nodded, grabbing the hem of Dean’s shirt and looking up at him. “I am more than willing, Deano.”

Dean smiled, sliding his hand into Gabriel’s hair and leaning down to kiss him. “Then tonight, I’m your bitch.” 

Gabriel grinned into the kiss, pulling Dean closet to them by his waist. “I like the sound of that. I like the sound of that a lot.”

"No, urine does not help jellyfish stings and don’t you dare unzip your pants!" (ooc sorry, had to lol XD)




((It’s okay. I love this one. You can eitehr have Sam or Gabriel as the one stung. Human!verse))

Gabriel groaned and zipped his pants back up. “Well then tell me what the hell does because I’ve got no damn clue.”

"Right!" He had been overthinking as usual. Thankfully Sam was keeping his head level during this. "Right, you take our towels and your shoes," he said as he placed the pile of stuff on Sam’s stomach, his own sandals on his feet. He picked Sam up with ease for such a small guy. As he walked, he mumbled. "Hospital. Where’s the closest hospital? Fifteen minutes? Twenty with traffic. Ten if I take Fisher. Take Fisher. Be there in eight."

"Dude, you realize people are staring…right?" True to his word, quite a few people eyed them as Gabriel somehow managed to carry Sam  like a damsel in distress. He had one arm around his friend’s neck to keep from falling out of the arms that held him while the other held onto their items.

"Sam," he snapped as he moved as quickly as he could away from the beach, "I don’t care what other people see or think. They could have seen worse. Right now, I’m more concerned with you keeping working nerves in your leg than I am with what people think of us."

☺Make a baby



Gabriel froze, looking at Dean in slight shock from his sudden change of topic. “Wait…like seriously? Or just adopt? Or a surrogate or something?”

"Or, you could…" Dean breathed, taking a deep breath. "I don’t know. Turn me into a girl? You can do that, right? Then…we could have one of our own?"

"Well…changing a human is a little bit harder. If anything, I would probably find a female vessel. Plus, I don’t think you’d want to be stuck as a girl for five months," he said, his smile growing.





Send a ‘!!!’ For my characters reaction to yours climbing into the shower with them

Gabriel heard the bathroom door open and knew it would be Sam. After all, who else could it be? He probably just need the toilet or the sink. Gabriel didn’t, however, expect the shower door to be opened and have Sam join him. He turned to him, eyes wide. “Sam? What’re you doing?” he asked, confused if not a little intimidated (forced away arousal). “Can’t you wait for your own shower?”

Gabriel held him up easily, rubbing his lower back as he situated him. He kissed and sucked a dark mark into Sam’s neck, biting briefly. He just loved having that skin there, presented for him.

He hand slipped lower and he instantly coated his fingers in lube before slipping one inside. “Gonna take good care of you, Sam.”

Sam moaned loudly, tilting his head to the side. Giving his archangel better access to his neck. Small whimpers escaped his lips as Gabriel rubbed his back. “G-Gabriel…” Sam gasped as he felt a finger invade his hole.

He leaned his ass closer to the finger, trying to get closer, deeper.
"Stop teasing baby please. You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?" Sam buried his face in Gabe’s neck, nipping the small tendon lightly.

Gabriel smirked against his neck and chuckled lightly. “We wouldn’t be in this position if I wanted to kill you.” He kissed up his neck to his ear. “No, if I wanted to kill you, you’d be tied up right now and spread out for me to see all of you,” he whispered.

"But if you insist." He removed his finger and coated his cock with the rest of the lube, pushing into Sam’s ass without further question or comment.


"Dude, gross." Sam said but the idea of getting off on thoughts of his friend made him guilty.

Because, well, he has.

"Anyways, just wanna dick around on the map for a bit or find another quest?" Sam asked and smiled warm.

Gross? A million thoughts raced through his head that made him start doubting himself again even though he knew most of them were completely irrational because he already knew they were false.

Is Sam against LGBT people? Does he not like guys that way? Or is he asexual and just doesn’t like the thought of sex? Have I been over thinking all of this? Should I just stop trying to like him like that? We’ve never even met. What if he hates me for thinking about him when I masturbate? Not that I would ever tell him that in a million years. Maybe that’s why he said gross. Maybe he just doesn’t want to talk about something like that. That had to be- dick? What? Oh. Sam was talking.

"Uh…I don’t mind either way. You choose," he said, still trying to pick himself up from his thoughts.




[text] I’m horny.

Gabriel grabbed him tightly through his pants, shoving tongue inside Gail’s mouth. Soon, these clothes would need to go, but seeing Gail like this made him want to drag it out a little more. He just didn’t know how long he could hold back himself.

"Mmhm~" Gail purred, moaning between their wet lips and bucking his hips needily into the hand that groped at his tenting groin. He panted and clung tighter to Gabriel’s back, begging for more with every whimpered cry of the angels name. "G-Gabe…m’ah..b-baby-ngh…~"

Yup. That was it. “Too many layers,” he mumbled before snapping them off both of them. He hadn’t been this needy in a while and was surprised it had happened at all. But he pushed those thoughts because he needed skin contact and a lot of it. He grabbed Gail’s cock again as he leaned more of his body down onto him, resuming their kiss.

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